Do You Have The Right Mortgage

We have all heard that your home is the biggest purchase you will make.    For most, that is true.   However, how did you pick the right mortgage that helps you financially?   Did you pick the term of the loan based on what your friends and family suggested?  Do they have a complete understanding of your […]

Buying a move up home in todays market

I discussed this about a month ago, however, we have had a lot of comments and responses so I thought I should talk about it again.   This is the reason to work with a person, a professional in the Real Estate industry.  Yes both a Realtor and Me, (the lender) Selling your home in this […]

You find the perfect home but it needs repairs how do you pay for them?

With the current real estate market moving so quickly it can seem difficult to find that perfect home.  Then you find one that almost is perfect but needs some improvement;  but how to pay for those improvements?   The Scott Miller Team has solutions!   We have several different loan options that will allow work to be […]

Less Than Perfect Credit? Maybe we can help

Let’s face it, many of us have had a “hiccup” on our credit.   Maybe we were young and made a decision to not pay someone to show them and now it seems it will never go away.   Or you ran into a bigger issue and maybe had to file for bankruptcy or even had a […]

Rates are low time to consider refinancing

Interest rates are doing great and now may be the time to consider refinancing.  You could take advantage of the rates and pay off other debt, you could simply reduce your current payment or get money out for fun!   Call or email me to discuss your options.    Scott Miller  612-751-7268

How to sell a home and buy a home in these market conditions

We have all heard the difficulty for first time buyers to purchase a new home.   They are flying off the market.    Well What do you do when you have a house to sell and you are concerned with where to live, school for the kids etc.   How to make this work.     We have strategies to […]

Family changes and how to deal with current home

Let’s face it, we all know someone who is going through a family change.   It could be a divorce, or the death of a loved one or on the brighter note, the addition of a new family member.    Sometimes the owning of real estate can add to the stress of this change.  The Scott Miller […]

Buy a home with $1000 down payment

There is a myth that many people believe they need 20% for a down payment on a loan for a home.   That simply is not true.    MHFA  (Minnesota Housing Finance Agency)  allows for ALL home buyers  (first time and repeat buyers) to qualify for up to $15,000 in down payment assistance.   There are income limits […]

Buy a home for $1000 or LESS!

pink and white pig

How much money does it take to buy a home? You may be surprised at how many people do NOT know their down payment options and believe they need to put 20% or more as a down payment for the purchase of a home. That down payment amount is only the benchmark for a conventional […]

How To Buy A Home In A Sellers Market


If you are one of the many home buyers you have experienced the “sellers market”. This is when there are more buyers and fewer homes in the marketplace and it creates a HIGH demand for most homes for sale. Those of you in the market know this can be very frustrating. How was the sellers […]