What Drives Interest Rates

Our SVP wrote this article and I thought it would be of value for you to read. The recent Federal Reserve .25% rate decrease will often cause confusion for consumers when it comes to long term mortgage rates. The Federal Reserve’s monetary policy directly impacts the cost of funds. This mechanism is used to stimulate […]

“Special” Loan programs! What are they called?

Since the mortgage market crashed, there have been a LOT of changes.    Many of the changes were good and have made the industry better.   However, some of the changes have made it challenging for some buyers to obtain a home mortgage  The “speciality” loan have gone away, . . . . or have they.  We […]

Marketing to Millennials

Over the years it is common to have one generation complain about the next generation.  Is that what you call music?    Are you actually going to wear that?  We have all heard this and if you are old enough most likely you have now said it.   We have probably even said “oh my God, […]

Part 3 of The Scott Miller Team, Meet Miller

The last part of our Team is me, Scott Miller.   First of all, the name of our team had nothing to do with ego, it was at the advice of our attorney as Scott Miller was already a registered name with the NMLS (the mortgage license registry) so we went with that.   I have been […]

Meet Scott Gruel (Gruelly) of The Scott Miller Team

One of the benefits of working with the Scott Miller Team is you get to work with Scott Gruel.   Gruelly, has been a loan officer for 19 years and is a key player on our team.   He will start the loan paperwork once we have a purchase agreement and watch the file all the way […]

Meet The Scott Miller Team

One of the biggest benefits received by our customers is working with our team.    We have three people (that you see) available, at no extra cost, to serve our clients.    I would like to introduce to you Nancy Rymer.   Nancy has over 35 years in the mortgage industry.    She has processed, underwritten, originated and managed […]

Do You Have The Right Mortgage

We have all heard that your home is the biggest purchase you will make.    For most, that is true.   However, how did you pick the right mortgage that helps you financially?   Did you pick the term of the loan based on what your friends and family suggested?  Do they have a complete understanding of your […]

Buying a move up home in todays market

I discussed this about a month ago, however, we have had a lot of comments and responses so I thought I should talk about it again.   This is the reason to work with a person, a professional in the Real Estate industry.  Yes both a Realtor and Me, (the lender) Selling your home in this […]

You find the perfect home but it needs repairs how do you pay for them?

With the current real estate market moving so quickly it can seem difficult to find that perfect home.  Then you find one that almost is perfect but needs some improvement;  but how to pay for those improvements?   The Scott Miller Team has solutions!   We have several different loan options that will allow work to be […]

Less Than Perfect Credit? Maybe we can help

Let’s face it, many of us have had a “hiccup” on our credit.   Maybe we were young and made a decision to not pay someone to show them and now it seems it will never go away.   Or you ran into a bigger issue and maybe had to file for bankruptcy or even had a […]