Buying a move up home in todays market

I discussed this about a month ago, however, we have had a lot of comments and responses so I thought I should talk about it again.   This is the reason to work with a person, a professional in the Real Estate industry.  Yes both a Realtor and Me, (the lender)

Selling your home in this market seems pretty easy as long as it is priced correctly and looks well kept.  The scary piece is “what if I sell my current home and cannot find another home I want”.  Obviously with a family this can be a very stressful situation.  However, we are working with our applicants with a strategy on purpose that will ease this frustration and take these fears away.   We structure the new loan so the customer has the loan they want and need for their financial situation.   We work with them and their Realtor to design a marketing plan to sell their current home so they can insure they do not end up homeless or in a financial situation that causes stress on the family.

Call the Scott Miller team at   Scott Miller 612-751-7268 or  or Scott Gruel at 612-599-1993  and let us show you the easy way to buy and sell in this market.

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