Do You Have The Right Mortgage

We have all heard that your home is the biggest purchase you will make.    For most, that is true.   However, how did you pick the right mortgage that helps you financially?   Did you pick the term of the loan based on what your friends and family suggested?  Do they have a complete understanding of your financial picture?  Do they know what your long term goals are?  Do they know your income and what you are spending or how you are saving?  If the answer is no, then do you have the right mortgage?   Financing the biggest purchase of your life is as important as how much you spend on that purchase.    Did you put a lot of money down?   Do you have other debt that would have been better to pay off rather than put money down?  I don’t know the answer either, until we have discussed your goals and intentions and then make a recommendation on the best loan programs to help you reach those goals.    Most people will discuss ANYTHING with their friends and family but most people keep their financial decisions private.  These financial decisions are the most important as they can help us reach or fall short of our financial goals.   At the Scott Miller Team, we discuss with our customers what their goals are and what they are trying to obtain.   We then make suggestions for different ways to reach those goals.   I am NOT saying we change their minds, rather we stimulate thought so our customers KNOW they made an educated decision and are on the financial path they intended.   If this conversation intrigues you, reach out to the Scott Miller Team at   Scott Miller  612-751-7268   or Scott Gruel  612-599-1993    We can and will help!

PS: even call us just for a mortgage review.   Maybe you have the best loan and just want confirmation of that!!

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