Mortgage Refinance

When interest rates start to drop, many people start thinking of refinancing their home loan. At The Scott Miller team, a refinance is just as important to us as a new home purchase. It does not have to be a difficult or scary process. We take the time to listen to our customers and understand what they are trying to do with their refinance so we can make recommendations that meet their requirements. If you would like to see if mortgage refinancing is right for you call us at 763-567-5718

Mortgage Refinance Eligibility

Anybody with a mortgage on their home is eligible for a mortgage refinance. We would listen to your needs and goals with your refinance so we could recommend the loan programs that meet your requirements. We lay out all the factors to help you make a well, informed decision. To see if you can meet your financial goals by refinancing your current home call us at 763-567-5718

What Types of Mortgage Refinancing are Available?

Refinancing is done for many different reasons. Sometimes people refinance to simply shorten the term of their loan as they want to pay it off quicker. Some people refinance to consolidate other debt, while others refinance to pay for home improvements. Many of our customers have refinanced their home to take equity (money) out of their home for investment reasons, help pay for college, or to simply have money in the bank. The last group to discuss are those that may be going thru a divorce. Getting a divorce and trying to split the equity in the home does not have to be a difficult stressful process. We have helped many couples refinance their current home and then assist the person that is buying with the purchase of their new home. to discuss the different types of refinances and help determine which is right for you call us at 763-567-5718

Can I Refinance to Change Mortgage Loan Programs?

If you have an FHA, VA, Conventional or a Rural Development loan; fixed interest rate or an adjustable interest rate, all of them can be refinanced. it really is a simple calculation and a discussion with one of our team members so we an see which option fits you best. Call us today to discuss refinancing. Scott Miller 612-751-7268   Scott Gruel 612-599-1993