VA Loans

VA Mortgage Loans are special to the Scott Miller Team. We sincerely want to thank the veterans and their families for the sacrifice they made for us and our country.

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VA Loan Eligibility

To be eligible for a VA mortgage you must have served in one of the branches of the military. This can be full time active duty, National Guard or the Reserves. Depending on how you served and the length of time you served will determine the VA home loan benefits you have. We can work with you and the VA to help determine your benefits. For general questions on VA home loans reach out to our team Scott Miller 612-751-7268 Scott Gruel 612-599-1993 so we can help

VA Loan Benefits

The veteran has many benefits with a VA home loan. There is NO down payment required (unless the purchase price is over the Fannie mae loan limits for the area then there is a substantially lower down payment) at BOE we eliminate our lender costs and we do NOT pass them to the seller. This will help get your offer accepted as it does NOT cost the seller more. There are reduced fees from third party vendors as well. The VA home loan is an inexpensive way for the Veteran to obtain mortgage financing. To see the actual cost for you to purchase a home call us Scott Miller 612-751-7268 Scott Gruel 612-599-1993

How Can I Determine My VA Loan Eligibility?

The VA home loan is Guaranteed by the Veterans Administration. To determine the amount of a loan the Veteran is qualified for we can run some info thru the computer and pass that info to the Veteran. This way the Veteran is well informed about the maximum purchase price and look at homes that meet their criteria. Even if you have used your VA eligibility in the past, you can still use it again. In fact, the spouse of a veteran can use the VA home loan in the event of the death of a veteran. To find out if you are eligible for a VA home loan call us Scott Miller 612-751-7268 Scott Gruel 612-599-1993

What does a VA Mortgage Loan Help Me Purchase?

A VA home loan can be used to purchase any type of home. Townhomes, Condo’s and Single Family Homes (1-4 units) if the Veteran is going to owner occupy the home the VA home loan allows the Veteran to purchase up to a 4 unit property and 3 of the units can be used as rental units. It is a great way for a Veteran to start buying property as investment property to help with their long term financial goals. To find out what you are qualified to purchase with a VA home loan call us Scott Miller 612-751-7268 Scott Gruel 612-599-1993