Marketing to Millennials

Over the years it is common to have one generation complain about the next generation.  Is that what you call music?    Are you actually going to wear that?  We have all heard this and if you are old enough most likely you have now said it.   We have probably even said “oh my God, i sound just like my parents!”    Millennial’s are no different, it’s just that with all the different types of media available we see it more often.  Millennial’s are more informed, they were raised that way.   They have had access to the internet their entire life.  They have been taught to look it up on the web etc.   They have more info, but business is still done the old fashioned way, with people.   Yes you can do research, have an understanding, get the details, but being able to talk with a person that has the experience and personal knowledge goes a long way.   Millennial’s are NOT opposed to this, they can just smell BS quickly.  So we pride ourselves on working with Millennial’s (in fact most of them are more mature than I am) and we love to have in depth discussions about the best mortgage option for them.  Have them reach out to us  Scott Miller or 612-751-7268  Scott Gruel   or 612-599-1993  The Scott Miller Team

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