Part 3 of The Scott Miller Team, Meet Miller

The last part of our Team is me, Scott Miller.   First of all, the name of our team had nothing to do with ego, it was at the advice of our attorney as Scott Miller was already a registered name with the NMLS (the mortgage license registry) so we went with that.   I have been lending for 30 years so between our entire team, we have about 85 years of mortgage experience.   What I think is the best part of our team is we have met with several coaches to study and understand our strengths and our weaknesses, and our team is set up with the right people on the team and in the right spot on the team.  We offer a lot of knowledge, experience and our commitment to offering the absolute best service we can offer to our customers and it costs nothing more to get all three of us.   We hope you will see the value and sincerity in our team and choose us as your mortgage lender.  The Scott Miller Team at 612-751-7268 or   Gruel at 612-599-1993 or

thank you

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